M:tG Battlebond Launch Party – Sunday, June 10th

Celebrate the release of Battlebond at our Battlebond Launch Party on Sunday, June 10th!

This event will be played using the Two-Headed Giant team format, using the new Battlebond set.

Times – Sign-ups begin at Noon.

Entry Fee – $15 per player – Each team is required to have two players.

Product – Each team will receive 6 Boosters of Battlebond to make two 40-card decks.

Rounds – 3 rounds. Matches are single games, using Multiplayer rules.

Prizes – Teams with 3 wins will get 10 booster packs of Battlebond.
Teams with 2 wins will get 6 packs of Battlebond.

Each team will also get a special promo pack with two cards – these cards are designed to work together and are able to be added to your decks!

This event will be capped at 32 players! Pre-Register with the button below to guarantee your spot (both players have to pre-register)


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