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New releases, Party games, or classics from your childhood – Yes, we do have that!


With a stock of over 1,000 board game titles to choose from, we’re confident that we can find the right game for you. Whether it’s a friendly game night, something to pass the time with a loved one, or a hours of traversing intense combat, we have what you’re looking for.



Millennium constantly features many of the most popular games in the industry. Looking for a Monopoly that ends in under an hour – try Settlers of Catan. For those more into the route taking and blocking of Sorry and Parchessi, then Ticket to Ride is your next step. And all the Rummy and Euchre players will love being able to customize their hand in a game of Dominion. These and many more offer a great introduction into the world of board games and remain among our most consistent best sellers.



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For anyone worried about the next holiday or birthday gift for a friend or loved one, our Family Games section contains hundreds of family-friendly and party game choices to make your next party a resounding success. Many of these games scale for the number of players you have, so you can enjoy them with 3 players, or 12. Everyone can get into these hilarious and fast games, without the need to read through a long rule book.


Or maybe you are looking for a Chess-like game, with more logic and planning? We have hundreds of skill intensive games, where each player gets to plan ahead, sculpting the ultimate ploy to achieve world domination… or just build a better city than the opponent. These games are great for those who are looking to find out who is the smarter player, not the luckier one.



Still confused? Then come down on Wednesdays and “Play Something New”. Every Wednesday night is FREE Board Game Night here at the store, where dozens of players bring and play a variety of games well into the night. You can ask others to teach you a new game, or find a group to play one of your old favorites. We encourage everyone to come in free of charge and use this opportunity to meet new players, try out new games, and experience our growing board game community firsthand. We also feature many Demo Tables in the store that you can use and play right on the sales floor. These display some of our hottest new games, allowing you to try it before you buy.

Rik (Grey shirt on left) is here most weeks playing some of the great games in his library, and also gives demos of some of our newest items



Before you leave, also check out our Used Board Games section – Where you can trade in board games and get store credit towards something new. You can also browse through games that others have traded in, often times getting a like-new copy of a game for a steep discount from the sealed price. This is a great option for those games that you might have picked up multiple times, but put down because of the hefty price tag – either trade games you don’t play to reduce the cost of a new one, or scour our trade-in section for one on the cheap!

Our Used Board Game section features many games at 40-60% off their retail price

Our Used Board Game section features many games at 40-60% off their retail price