Holiday Board Game Party and Secret Santa Exchange Dec. 12

Secret Santa

Holiday Board Game Party and Secret Santa

Come celebrate the holidays in Millennium Games style – playing games all day long while exchanging gifts and eating food!

The Christmas party and Secret Santa will take place on December 12. The party will run all day, but the gift exchange will happen at 7pm.
If you can bring food or drinks to share that would be appreciated.

Rules for Secret Santa:
Fill out this form by December 3rd and email it to Cori at:

Cori will randomly match each participant to their Santa.
Please list 5 games you’d be interested in receiving. If they’re smaller games, go ahead and put two or three to a line.
If you leave all the lines blank, it will be considered a “Surprise Me” gift.

Santas should be prepared to spend $60-80 on a game or games. Attending the Christmas party does NOT require participating in Secret Santa, all are welcome.

Your name and email._______________________________

Mike Bauman

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