Hour of Devastation Release Weekend

Come celebrate the eminent return of our God-Pharaoh, Nicol Bolas.
His graces will bless us with eternal benefits all weekend long here at Millennium Games

Millennium Games will have events occurring all weekend long to celebrate the release of Hour of Devastation. This is your chance to get the newest Magic: The Gathering cards for yourself or a friend.

HOUR OF REVELATION: 10:00 am Friday

Millennium Games will be open at 10:00 am to release the blessings of the God-Pharaoh upon the world.
Boosters Packs – $3.99
Bundles – $42.99
Nicol Bolas Planeswalker Deck (and I guess Nissa as well) $14.99
Booster Boxes – $107.99
Millennium Games is also home to the largest collection of singles in Rochester. We will have dozens of each card available upon release, so make sure you come here first thing before the other initiates grab the best ones for their trials.

HOUR OF ETERNITY: 6:00 pm Friday

Enjoy the blessings of our new Gods by participating in our Friday Night Magic Booster Draft. For only $15.00, you will get to draft 3 boosters to build a brand new deck of 40 cards, then compete against other initiates with your new deck. For every initiate you defeat, you will earn an additional Hour of Devastation booster pack. Friday Night Magic is our best event for learning the new format and building your collections – over 80% of players finish having opened 4 or more booster packs on the day.

HOUR OF GLORY: 5:00 pm Saturday

Experience a trial by fire as you clash against the best Commander decks in the area. This FREE Event encourages players to try out the most popular casual format in Magic: Commander. Build a deck of 100 unique cards and try to tackle each other in multiplayer mayhem. Everyone who participates will receive a special promo card with a Nicol Bolas theme!

HOUR OF DEVASTATION: 11:00 am and 2:30 pm Sunday

Watch the world explode as our competitive drafts take over Sunday. Draft Hour of Devastation and Amonkhet boosters for your chance to win up to 18 boosters of Hour of Devastation during the day. Each event will be only $15.00 to enter, and will last 3 rounds. Win a round and get 1 booster of Hour of Devastation, win two rounds and get 3 boosters! Prove your worth by being undefeated over three rounds and earn 9 boosters of Hour of Devastation. Once the 11:00 am event ends, the 2:30 pm event will fire, allowing you another chance at 9 boosters of Hour of Devastation for only $15.00. Conquer both events and walk away with half a box of packs!

Mike Bauman

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