Ixalan Pre-Release Weekend September 22 – 24th!

Ixalan Pre-Release Events happen all weekend long!

Events kick off with our Midnight Pre-Release on Friday Night, September 22nd!

What happens at a Pre-Release?

You’ll experience the thrill of opening new cards for the first time, at an event filled with other Magic players who enjoy the game just as much as you. Everything you’ll need to play will be provided as part of your entry fee – you simply show up and play!

You’ll build a 40-card minimum deck using the contents of a Prerelease Kit (6 booster packs and a special promo card). After you build your deck, you’ll be randomly paired with another player for a best-two-of-three match. Each round, you’ll report who won and be paired up with a new player. If you do well, you may get additional booster pack prizes!

Win or lose, you get to keep all of the cards you opened in your Pre-Release Kit.

You’ll also walk away with a special promo card – a foil stamped Rare or Mythic card from the new set!

Pre-Releases are your first chance to get a hold of the new cards a week before they go on sale!

Midnight Pre-Release- Friday, September 22nd

with Free Pizza!

Time: Sign-ups start at 11pm Friday night (September 22) after Friday Night Magic

Cost:  $30. Entry covers the tournament and free pizza, courtesy of Millennium Games

Crack open the new Magic set at Rochester’s ORIGINAL midnight Pre-Release event!

Prizes: Finish with a record of 3-0 and get 6 extra booster packs!
Finish with a record of 2-1 and get 3 extra booster packs!

Saturday Events – September 23rd

with a FREE booster pack!
3 Pre-release Events @ 9am, 1pm, and 5pm
Get a free mystery booster pack with your entry!

Other Prizes: Finish with a record of 3-0 and get 6 booster packs
Finish with a record of 2-1 and get 3 booster packs

Sunday Events – September 24th
10:00am – 4 rounds w/ larger prize payout

4 rounds, 9 booster packs for finishing 4-0, 6 booster packs for finishing 3-1.  All players get a mystery booster pack.

2 Headed Giant (Team) Event @ 4:00pm
Get a free mystery booster pack with entry!



Choose the VIP option to reserve a seat in our Private Game Room all night, with a free drink!


Ixalan Pre-Release

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