New Demo Games for Summer!

It’s the summer of Renegade on our Demo Tables! For the rest of July and all through August, Millennium will be featuring a selection of titles from Renegade Games for our customers to try out. From popular titles like Clank! and Lanterns, to some under-the-radar gems like Honshu, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Take a few minutes out and grab a demo for one of these titles today!

Clank! – A deckbuilder with a sneaky board movement twist, Clank! pits daring thieves against a roaming dragon and his treasure hoard. Sneak through the dungeon to collect your loot, but don’t make too much noise…. or the dragon will come for you!

Lanterns – A family-friendly tile placement game.

Honshu – Part card drafting, part auction, and part tile-placement, Honshu has a little for everyone!

Castles of Caladale – Build the most impressive castle from a variety of beautiful tiles to claim victory.

Lotus – Fans of Carcassone will love this flower-building, worker placement/ card game hybrid!

Apotheca – A unique blend of memory, set-building, and tile movement, Apotheca plays like a crazy mix of Tetris, Chess, and classic set-building games.

Also, if you haven’t tried Dice Forge or the new Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, check those out as well….you won’t regret it!

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