Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game

Enter the feudal world of Rokugan in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Fantasy Flight’s new entry into their massively successful Living Card Game line, Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) transports players into the mystical world of Rokugan, where seven clans vie for supremacy through political intrigue,  military might, and dominion over the mystical five rings! L5R is a reboot of AEG’s classic game, keeping much of the flavor, mechanics and storyline that made the original such a hit for almost two decades!

Players control one of the seven great clans, attempting to win the game through political or military means, or by achieving an honor victory by honoring their own house or dishonoring their opponent. Which of the great clans will you choose?

Lion – The honorable Lion clan is the military hand of the emperor, fighting the good fight to ensure the safety of the realm.

Crane – Courtiers and politicians, the Crane maneuver through the political arena with grace and beauty, using their honored status to secure the future of their clan.

Crab – The mighty Crab defend Rokugan from the threat of the Shadowlands. From high atop the Great Wall, the Crab care little for political intrigue, their sole purpose rooted in the defense of their homeland.

Unicorn – The nomadic Unicorn dominate the plains of Rokugan. Astride their great horses, the Unicorn Cavalry possesses frightening military might when provoked.

Dragon – Solitary in their mountain stronghold, the Dragon silently watch over the Empire. Few know their motives or ways, but none can argue with the might of these warrior monks when the conflicts begin.

Phoenix – The noble Phoenix study the mystical arts, pouring through ancient texts and honing their craft. Part magicians, part historians, the Phoenix study the past to preserve the future.

Scorpion – The oft-maligned Scorpion clan serve as the “underhand” of the emperor, committed to the unsavory tasks are sometimes required to preserve the greater peace. Politicians and assassins in equal measure, the Scorpion will do what is necessary…you just won’t hear about it afterwards.

Which great clan will you choose? Legend of the Five Rings releases on Thursday, October 5th!

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