Magic Commander Weekend – Saturday, August 24th!

Celebrate the release of a newest set of Commander decks at our Magic Commander Weekend on Saturday, August 24th!

Special Rule

During this event, if you play an unaltered Commander 2019 deck, you can start with ALL THREE Commanders in your Command Zone.

Get a special Promo Pack just for participating!

Our normal Saturday Commander night gets an upgrade, featuring Core Set 2020 Promo packs for ALL PLAYERS! Play at least one game of Commander and sign in with your DCI number to nab a FREE Core Set 2020 Promo Pack!

Challenge Millennium Games employees for Foil Promo Packs!

Starting at 6:00 pm, four esteemed Millennium Games employees will be sporting fun (ish) decks made with four of the new commanders and looking for some multiplayer action. If you are the winner of a game against an employee, you’ll get a Foil Core Set 2020 Promo Pack! Players are encouraged to leave their high-powered combo decks at home for this one and play something a little more fun.

As always with our Commander events, this Commander Weekend event is FREE!

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