March Miniatures Madness Demo Day and Sale- Saturday, March 30th!

Miniatures Lovers Rejoice!

It’s an entire day of miniature game demos and sales on Saturday, March 30th!

Free Demos! – Demos will be set up with our experts for a variety of our miniature game lines! Check out the setup and learn the basics for some of the best games on the market! Participate in a demo for a game and get a raffle ticket to win a starter set for that game! Demos will be starting at 11:00 am and will be running all afternoon for everyone who wants to play something new!

We will have demo stations set up for the following games:

Warhammer – 40K
Warhammer – Age of Sigmar
40K Kill Team
Blood Bowl
War Machine/ Hordes
Song of Ice and Fire

Star Wars – X-Wing
Star Wars – Legion


Sales!– We will also be having store-wide sales for a variety of our miniatures games! Check out awesome discounts all Saturday long on:

Song of Ice and Fire – 30% Off
WarMachine/ Hordes – 30% Off
X-Wing, Legion, Armada, and Imperial Assault – 20% Off
All Games Workshop product lines will also be on sale throughout the day!

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