Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor preview – Ikaris

Wizkids has been gracious enough to let us spoil one of the figures in their upcoming set “The Mighty Thor”!

From the Eternals comes Ikaris.

















Ikaris is a nasty beat stick that can take a ton of damage. Ikaris comes with ticks of Impervious and Invincible, making sure he will live through the first couple of blows. Having Invincible on ticks 4 and 5 means that he will take at least two normal blows until he lands on his Invincible ticks, and then will likely need another two hits to KO him. He’s ideally teamed up with other Power Cosmic characters to get the extremely strong Power Cosmic team ability, granting him Willpower and making it so his powers cannot be countered, making sure you get the chance to roll that Impervious. Just make sure to focus your ranged heroes at their characters with Penetrating Damage and he can stick around for the entire fight.

Ikaris needs to manage his positioning, as well as his opponent’s, in order to be effective. His Charge on tick 1 will help him get the first strike in a battle, and the Sidestep on ticks 2 and 3 is where he can get onto characters and stick to them, while also dealing damage. Because of Impervious he will usually land on tick 3 after his first damage, and then tick 5 for his second damage, but if you are lucky enough to land on his 4th tick, he gets Charge again and can run into another to start the next wave of damage. If he does fall down to a low health you get some ticks of Phasing, but without a ranged attack, he will basically be running from the fight and hopefully blinking back in to finish off someone after hiding behind a wall.

With 4 damage on his first two ticks, and 3 damage on his third, he can punch through some of the lesser defensive powers, but the damage output of your team will be determined by how well you can maximize his other team based ability. Running multiple Eternals will allow Ikaris to use Leadership on his attack. Doing so will clear ALL adjacent characters, not just one, letting you rush in early and then clear everything with Ikaris’ Charge into his Leadership. Its a potent combo that can quickly melt anyone left out of position while leaving you clear of markers and ready to spread out and attack again. So ideally you have a team that is all Power Cosmic, with multiple Eternals that can benefit from both effects while also giving Ikaris Willpower so he can set up his combos without taking the extra damage.

Special thanks goes out to the guys at WizKids for allowing us the chance to spoil you with this figure. Get more info about the new Mighty Thor set at or come into Millennium Games today and pre-order your boosters, bricks, fast forces or token sets today!

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