M:tG Wizards Play Network Qualifier (WPNQ) Saturday, October 19th

Compete for awesome prizes and a spot on the Magic: the Gathering Player’s Tour in this WPNQ event!

Date: Saturday, October 19th
Time: Sign-ins begin at 10:00 am. Round 1 posted at 11:00 am
Format: Standard
Cost: $30

1st – Invite to the Americas Players Tour and $200 travel stipend
2nd – 54 packs of Throne of Eldraine
3rd-4th – 36 packs of Throne of Eldraine
5th-8th – 18 packs of Throne of Eldraine

The Top 32 players will also receive a Foil Promo Arcbound Ravager!
The Top 8 players will also receive an exclusive Arcbound Ravager playmat!

Pre-Register now using the button below and reserve your spot!

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