The Munchkin CCG Arrives Wednesday, Feb.21st!

The Munchkin CCG arrives for sale at Millennium on Wednesday, February 21st!

Jump into the card game event of the year with three different 2-Player Starter decks and add to your experience with Munchkin CCG Booster packs!Cleric and Thief Cover Image

Cleric vs. Thief – The Dwarf Cleric laughs in the face of pain as he heals himself, turn after turn, but the Elf Thief cheats and steals as often as possible . . . and getting caught cheating is sometimes part of her plan!
Ranger and Warrior Cover Image
Ranger vs. Warrior – The Centaur Warrior is a fighting machine, bristling with dangerous weapons. She faces the Halfling Ranger, who sends wave after wave . . . after wave . . . of Monsters against his enemies.
Wizard and Bard Cover Image
Wizard vs. Bard – The Orc Bard, who brings her Mischief cards back for encore after encore, is ready to rock the Human Wizard, who hopes his spells hurt you more than they hurt him.
Expand your game with booster packs! Each randomized booster contains 12 cards, one of which will be rare . . . or even rarer than rare. These packs are the only way to complete your collection; find hundreds of cards that aren’t in any of the starter sets!Game Booster Cover Image

Be sure to join us on Sunday, March 4 at Noon for our Munchkin Release Party! We will be doing demos for the game, as well as a special $15 Booster Draft event! Each player will draft 4 Munchkin CCG Boosters to build a deck and play in a casual-level event! All players that do demos and/ or the draft event will get exclusive promo cards and booster packs just for being a part of the action!


Check out the video below for a quick look at this hot, new game and come and see us on Wednesday, February 21st to get started on the greatest Munchkin quest of them all!


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