New Releases 5-11

A hearty supply of new Fantasy Flight items and one of the most anticipated restocks of the year highlight this week’s New Releases!

Arkham Horror the Card Game: Undimensioned and Unseen – Arkham Horror’s newest Mythos pack pits your investigators against a new breed of abominations, as they struggle to unlock long forgotten mysteries! The latest pack of the Dunwich Legacy cycle brings brings your detectives closer to their ultimate goal, but the closer they get the more unstoppable the monsters become!


Three new release for Imperial Assault appear this week as well! Be sure to get your hands on the new Jawa Scavenger, as well as the Hyra Syndulla/ C1-10P Hero Pack and BT-1 and 0-0-0 Villain packs to spice up your game!


Don’t forget to snag a set of extra dice for Mansions of Madness!



RESTOCK ALERT!  A Feast for Odin is back! If you missed it the first time, don’t pass up this chance to grab one of the hottest board games of the year! This hefty offering from Z-Man features high level worker placement, resource management, and good old fashioned Viking raids! Get it while it’s here and experience board gaming at its biggest and best!

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