New Releases 4-27

A new Netrunner Box Set, a re-release of one of our most popular games, and some of the best dice sets ever seen by man top this week’s New Release list! Check them out at Millennium today!

Netrunner Terminal Directive: Netrunner like you’ve never played it before! The new Terminal Directive set offers campaign-style Netrunner Games that pit Corporations and Runners in a narrative-driven race against time!


Mystic Vale – Vale of the Wild – New Leader cards highlight Mystic Vale’s newest expansion, allowing players to start the game with powerful effects. New Eclipse cards also give players the option to cover up certain cards and still gain their abilities!


Veggie Garden – A quick and simple board game of vegetable competition! Each player wants to grow the best vegetables in the shortest amount of time, but limited space in the garden, as well as groundhogs and rabbits, can end your vegetable experiment before it begins!


Restock Alert!! Firefly The Board Game is back in stock! Pick up your copy of the hit board game and see what the buzz is about!


And of course, Magic: the Gathering’s newest release – Amonkhet – hits our shelves this Friday! We will have Intro Packs ($14.99), Booster Packs ($3.99), Bundles ($42.99), Pre-Release Kits ($29.99) and Booster Boxes ($107.99) available bright and early Friday Morning! Be one of the first to draft with the new set during Friday Night Magic at 6:30!

Our singles case will also be stocked with all the newest Amonkhet singles to make your Standard decks the best they can be! Check out the hot new Planeswalkers – Gideon of the Trials, Liliana Death’s Majesty and Nissa Steward of the Elements!

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