Play Something New Thursdays – March 28th w/ Custom Heroes + Architects of the West!

Learn a New Board Game Every Thursday Night!

Play Something New Thursdays  is your chance to learn and play a new game in a fun, social environment every Thursday Night! If you’ve wanted to try your hand at board gaming but didn’t quite know where to start, join us on Thursdays –  each week we will be teaching a fun, easy-to-learn game!

Every Thursday Night we will be teaching and a playing a new featured game in our Private Game Room. Copies of the Featured Game will be set up for use throughout the night.

Featured Game Discounts – At the end of the night, participants can purchase copies of the Featured Game for 20% off! Opened demo copies may be purchased at 30% off!

Time – The festivities begin at 5:30 pm in our Private Game Room! The featured game will be played until 8:00 pm, then enjoy open gaming until 9:30 pm!

Cost – Your first Play Something New Thursday is FREE! After that, entry is simply a purchase of $5 or more in store credit or games!

Our Featured Game for March 21st will be the customizable trick-taking game Custom Heroes!


And if you want something a little more challenging, we will also be teaching Architects of the West Kingdom!

Dip your toe into a more challenging experience and vie for control of the West in the new worker placement game!

Image result for architects of the west kingdom


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