Pokemon Ultra Prism Pre-Release Saturday 1/20

Join us on Saturday, January 20th at 11:00 AM and be one of the first to experience Ultra Prism – the new set for the Pokemon TCG!

Pokemon Pre-release events are an exciting opportunity to get your hands on the new set of Pokemon before it’s normal release date! Players will receive special pre-relese kits which will use to build decks using the new cards to play casual games against other Pokemon players!

Sign begin at 11am and we will start the event at 11:30am!

This set is going to be an exciting new set with the addition of a new type of RARITY! Prism rares are both a new type of card with their own set of rules! Don’t miss out on getting yours hands on this product early!

Entry $25

You’ll receive a Pre-release kit to build a deck using the new cards and play some games against other Pomeon players. Each player will also receive 4 packs of Ultra Prism upon completion of the event….regardless of record!

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