Introducing the Millennium Games Role-playing Round Table! Games begin Friday 1/17

Attention Adventurers! Beginning in January, we will begin offering Millennium’s Role-playing Round Table – a series of mini-RPG campaigns for a variety of unique systems!

Each game will last four to six weeks and the cost for each session will be a simple $10 store credit swap (players will receive $10 back in store credit w/ their $10 entry). Our first series of Round Table games will feature the following systems and available space:

Pathfinder 2.0up to 6 players. “Adventurer’s wanted: I have 6 open slots for willing adventurer’s to create characters and play through the first adventure path for the Age of Ashes: Hellknight Hill using the new Pathfinder second edition.”

City of Mist – 3 to 5 players. ” City of Mist is a noir PbtA RPG in which a legend has awoken in you, causing you to be a combination of a real-life persona and a legendary mythos, from a highschool student with the powers of a trickster fox spirit to a local drug dealer with the powers of Poseidon. You’re able to see beyond The Mist, the mystical veil that hides miraculous powers from the ordinary inhabitants of The City. In this case, a series of unexplained deaths have rocked The City, and citizens are on edge about it. Some police officers believe that there is a serial killer in their midst, and others believe that they’re unrelated deaths. Your team will need to look beyond The Mist and use your gifts to stop more dead bodies from littering The City.”

Cyberpunk Red : The Kids Aren’t Alright – 3 to 6 players. “It’s 2045, and the Kids are Alright. Maybe.

Uncle called the other day. Says has something for you – a job, maybe. Says could be very profitable – in relative terms, anyways. Says meet him at O’Tooles. Says bring friends.

Uncle says a lot of things. Some of them are true. But is best Uncle. Maybe not real Uncle, but best Uncle. Uncle also says be careful. Patron’s Voice is dangerous. And any job worth taking – is job with risks.

But, well, that’s the View From The Edge, no?”

Savage Worlds: Warbeasts and Wyrms – 3 to 5 players.

“Breaking Boughs – A Tale of the Arbor Wood

The Five Groves Leaferation has long been a powerful nation of unity and peace in the Lands. But as the evils of the Diring and Wyrmcoming rise, the once strong bonds of the Five Arbors are starting to come asunder. The heroes have come to Cataract Grove to win renown and make their names in the Lands. But they will soon find themselves in the midst of a great war, as one of the most powerful nations in the Lands rips itself apart . . .”

If you are interested in signing up for one of these games, please call the store at 585-427-2190 or stop by the front desk to reserve your spot! Sessions begin on Friday, January 17th at 6:00 pm!

Visit our Facebook RPG group Role-playing Round Table for more!!